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Arrange your kid’s universe for lifelong growth, play and development.
Personalize your family’s calendar with the best of your city’s events, activities and camps – all approved by parents and loved by children.

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We are for parents, by parents.
You already know that for your children’s best development, they must be exposed to a variety of challenging and fun activities. You want the confidence knowing that the staff would treat them as their own, and that the programs are high quality. Kidventica was founded with you in mind – a place for busy parents to schedule, connect and discover exciting but trustworthy activities for their children.
I founded Kidventica after moving to a new city without knowing which activities were right for my son. I wanted to keep track of all the exciting opportunities while getting parent’s trusted reviews and have them all in one place. After all, nothing is more important than our children’s growth and happiness!
Join us! We`ll be useful for each other!

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